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"Sing   Along!"

I communicate in Latvian, English and Russian! Participated in several vocal and talent competitions, couple of years sing in choir "Kamer...", take part in TV shows "Koru kari" by TV3 & "Musu zelta dziesma" by TV3 and intellectual TV shows "Zini vai mini" by LTV1 & "V.I.P" by LTV1.


"Always     Smile!"

I understand people from different nationalities, always with a smile, always ready to help. We'll do best to make your stay at Friends karaoke bar unforgettable. Lets sing a song!


"Beautiful &    charming!"

People like Viktorija for her charming smile! She will manage to find a right song for everybody and even if you are not a perfect singer with her help you will sound good!


"Express   yourself"

Singing is a great way to express yourself, so sing your heart out!


"I sing all my life."

As far as I remember myself I like singing. Singing Is helping me to charge up with positive emotions & express myself. I'll be glad to share this energy with you. Lets sing & share good emotions. Welcome!